Attention! The quality of these arcade cabinets cannot be compared to arcade cabinets that are currently offered for dump prices on the internet. They have thin stickers instead of thick PVC stickers, very thin wiring instead of thick wiring, 60 in 1 games instead of 1300 Pandora 6 (original 3a games), 5 watt speakers, with corresponding bad amplifier instead of 30w speakers + good amplifier, dangerous bad power unit instead a safe power unit, bad Chinese buttons and joysticks instead of high-quality SANWA joysticks / buttons, 2 plastic wheels instead of 4 sturdy large swivel wheels with 4 adjustable legs, Chinese screens instead of brand (LG), not a real glass plate but plexiglass, often also 1 player instead of 2 players , VGA instead of HDMI etc. So think carefully when you are going to order an arcade cabinet.