Mortal Kombat Arcade 42"

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42" Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet, 2 players

This beautiful Arcade cabinet has beautifully designed artwork.

So it is a nice replica of the retro cabinet from the past, but now for 2 players

Be surprised by the retro games of the past that you may have ever played in the arcade hall, canteen, snack bar etc .. such as pac-man, burger time, metal slug, wonder boy etc ..

- 42 inch LCD LG screen

- Real glass front plate

- Trackball

- 3000 Gameboard (Pandora Box original 3A games)) or 3300 Gameboard (Pandora Box original 3A games) +50 euro

- 720p resolution

- 30W Speakers and corresponding amplifier

- Volume control behind coin insertion

- On / off button on top of the cabinet

- Illuminated Marquee

- Meanwell Power Supply

- Heavy quality parts such as, hinges, clamps, thick PVC stickers, etc.

- Two Spanish joysticks with 6 SANWA action buttons per player

- Coin acceptor for the real arcade feeling, can also be set to freeplay and many other settings.

- 12 months manufacturer's warranty

Also available on request for a fee.

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3000 games in 1

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