Digital Pinball 49" 4K VPIN

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High Quality Digital Pinball Machine 49" - 4K!


49” Digital Pinball Machine 4K Full Force Feedback

Beautiful Virtual (Digital) pinball machine with 49" screen and more than 1000 tables.

New full-size digital pinball machine with many pinball machines in a wide-body "Williams-style" cabinet.

All known pinball machines are digitized and can be played in 1 machine.

Plug and Play - Just plug in and play.

Lots of tables in one machine like: Elvis, Metallica, Funhouse, Adams Family, Twilight Zone, Attack from Mars, The Simpsons, Star War etc. VPX10, VP9, ​​FX2, FX3, Future Pinball.

To get a better pinball feeling, force feedback has been installed such as:

10 Electromagnets (Solenoids)

1 shaker motor

1 Replay Knocker

The force feedback is easy to switch on and off by means of a switch. a switch on the cabinet.

Nudge / Tilt functionality

Digital Plunger (USA) (so no analog with microswitch)

Real flipper buttons with leaf switches (instead of microswitch buttons)

In addition, many LEDs have been installed as shown below:

5 X RGB LED Flashers above the playing field.

2 X RGB LED lighting in the speakers.

4 X RGB LED lighting under the bottom plate.

2 X RGB Strobo lamps above the speakers.

2 x Flashing lights on the cabinet

The lighting is easy to switch on and off by means of a switch. a switch on the cabinet.

Pinball machine:

wide body

3 screens

Head: 32" LCD Full HD

DMD: 16" LCD Full HD

Playing field: 49" Ultra HD (4K)

3 Fans

Thick PVC stickers (so no thin glossy stickers that are damaged when touched)

coin acceptor

Sound system (2 x 50w speaker set + Visaton subwoofer)

Real Lockbar

Easy to open

Leveling feet (Extra high adjustable!)

Included wireless mouse and keyboard.

On/Off button like a real pinball machine at the bottom right of the machine.

Meanwell Power Supply (CE Approved) so no cheap unsafe power supply.

Perhaps the most important thing about the virtual pinball machine is the PC.

This is the motor of the digital pinball machine.

You would think that it only takes a little to start up the tables, but then you are wrong. Because the tables are getting better graphically and many are already in 4k quality, it must be a fast PC with a professional video card to be able to render the images.

There is nothing more annoying than a delay “Lag” on the cabinet.

The pinball machines that are offered on the internet at low prices often have a very cheap PC with very poor specifications where you can even see shocks from the ball.

These PCs are also often secured so that you cannot change anything or add tables yourself. This is of course possible with our pinball machine.

This is of course reflected in the price. Cheap is often expensive.

Below the PC specifications of our pinball machine:

PC Specifications:

Xilence Dragon Breeze 3 RGB fan housing (top: Sound, 2x USB3.0)

Intel Core i7 12700KF- 12 Core (20 threads) 3.60GHz (5.00GHz)

Asus H610M-K DDR4 motherboard

Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB Graphics Card 512GB

500GB Samsung EVO 970 M.2 NVMe PCI-E SSD (up to 3400MB/s)

RAM of 16GB DDR4

700 watt Xilence Performance C 12cm fan 82+ power supply

Pay attention! It is a digital pinball machine so it is a different pinball feeling than the real pinball machines!


The pinball machine comes with a 1-year warranty for defective electronic parts (Manufacturer's warranty)


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